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Treasure Hunt from Princess and Pirate Parties, Inc.


For just the treasure hunt and party plan emailed to you
ONLY $20
(free with purchases over $100)

You receive a pdf file with pictured theme clues appropriate for children ages 3 to 13 and detailed instructions
for holding an approximately 15 minute treasure hunt in your own home. 
The children will love racing around looking for each clue that will eventually lead them to some hidden trinket or their party favors to keep.

You will also receive a party plan with game ideas, supplies that you might buy or prepare, and helpful hints for a successful party.  A Princess Party plan or the Pirate Kid plan has the most detailed information and list of activities.  Other themes vary in detail and may be specific to certain ages.

The Christmas Treasure Hunt and Easter Treasure Hunt is available for a family activity without a party plan for only $10

PRINCESS AND PIRATE PARTIES, Inc. specializes in a dress up theme party for kids birthdays.
Children of all ages need party supplies, costumes, games, favors and birthday invitations and ideas.
If you would like a professional party planner to organize your child's big day then call: 888-Bday-678.
Over 50 party themes available for kids of all ages and all occasions anywhere.
We are known for "Bringing Imagination Alive" and our Trade Mark Treasure Hunts.
Parties and costumes available all over the world via the mail.
Hosted parties by professional party planners available in select cities

Themes (Many include official licensed costumes, plates & paper supplies, and/or party favors)
Mostly for GIRLS and PRINCESSES with boys attending too:
* 1950s, 60s or 70s * Alice in Wonderland * American Girl Doll * Barbie®  * Belle - Beauty and the Beast * Bride * Butterfly
* Care Bears * Cinderella * Cooking & Cake Decorating * Disney Princesses * Divas & Karaoke * Dolphins and the Water
* Dora the Explorer * Fairy Princesses* Flower Power * Glamour & Make-up * Gymnastics * Hello Kitty * Hippies * Kim Possible
* Lilo & Stitch * Lizzie McGuire * Madeline * Mall Party * Mermaid * Powerpuff Girls * Precious Moments * Princess Parties
* Raggy Ann and Andy * Spa * Spirit the Disney Movie * Strawberry Shortcake * Stuff a Bear or Animal * Tea Cups & Teddy Bears * Tea Parties 
* Tinker Bell * Unicorns * Wings & Tutus * Wizard of Oz * and many more

Mostly for BOYS and PIRATES with girls attending too:
* Army * Batman * Black Beard the Pirate * Bob the Builder * Buzz Lightyear & Toy Story * Cowboy Parties * Cowboys
* Dino Diggers * Dinosaurs * Everyday Heroes * Firemen * Harry Potter Parties * Hot Wheels * Knights & Wizards
* Knights & Dragons * Legos * Magic * Nascar * Pilots * Pirates and Peter Pan * Pokemon * Power Rangers * Puppy Parties
* Rockets & Outer Space * Spiderman * Star Wars * Star Wars * Super Hero Parties * Thomas the Train * and many more

Mostly for the early birthdays:
* First Birthdays * Barney * Bears * Blues Clue * Clifford the Dog * Curious George * Dalmatians * Dragon Tales * Elmo * Looney Toons * Monsters, Inc. * Noah's Arch  * Rubber Ducky * Rugrats * Scooby-Doo * Stuff your own Teddy Bear * Winnie the Pooh * and many more

For KIDS of ALL AGES for every OCCASION:
* Bowling * Cake Decorating * Colors * Cooking Parties * Corporate Events * Luau * Mardi Gras Parties * Mystery
* New Year's Eve Parties * Small Dinner Parties * Western Parties * and many more

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